PVC Quality

At Redwood, all our products are made using high quality PVC. This guarantees every PVC curtain, strip, roll or sheet we supply will have outstanding see-through qualities and allow light to pass through with minimum distortion. They will also provide unbeatable energy-saving performance, be hardwearing and long lasting.

All our PVC contains UV stabilisers to help slow the ‘ageing effects’ of the Sun’s powerful rays. 

Why is this important?

Without such stabilisers PVC can deteriorate more quickly and start to lose it’s transparency. Bacteria and fungal spores can then begin to infect it, leading to further deterioration – as well as making it look unattractive and unhygienic. As a result, it’s likely you’ll need to replace your curtains more often. If they’re hanging in public view they could also be damaging to your reputation.

Other key facts about Redwood’s High Quality PVC

  • Shown to cut energy use by 18% to 60%. (According to research/customer feedback)
  • High impact resistance.  (Tough enough to stand up to continual hard use.)
  • Working temperature range  -15ºC to +50ºC (Can be used in all areas.)
  • Polargrade option stays flexible and resists cracking to -25ºC
  • Highly effective noise barrier as well and temperature one
  • Fire safe. (Self-extinguishing as standard. Fully fire retardant also available.)
  • Competitively priced (Affordable today, long term value for the future)

As well as Standard PVC (for general/ambient  use) we stock Polargrade PVC (for freezer use), Ribbed PVC (for heavy-duty use) and Anti-UV PVC , frosted PVC and perforated PVC.

We are also committed to using only the best quality materials in all our hanging rails and strip suspension systems. To find out more, please browse the rest of this website or contact us >>>