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PVC strip curtains - some frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of a PVC strip curtain?
PVC strip curtains are a quick, simple and affordable way to create efficient thermal, weather and pest control barriers across most door openings where free and easy movement of people and goods are required.
Where is the best place for a PVC strip curtain to hang?
Curtains should, wherever possible, by hung inside buildings as this helps protect them from the worst of environmental elements which can hasten the PVC’s deterioration and loss if clarity. The curtain rails need to be fitted to a structural surface across the full opening (i.e to a wall, beam or lintel) as they are not self-supporting. If no such surface is available, one should be fitted beforehand. If the curtain is fitting behind a side-hinged door, the door must open away from the curtain so as not to foul or damage it.
How do you fit a PVC strip curtain behind a roller shutter door?
If you are fitting behind a warehouse or loading bay door that has a roller shutter or similar, you may need to fit a steel beam across the opening behind/below the door mechanism. These can normally be supported on cantilever brackets fixed to the door pillars either side. If you’d like our advise on your particular circumstance, please email us photos of your doorway (as seen from inside) clearly showing the full opening and any supporting girders and or/or brick pillars either side so that we can assess what surfaces are available for beams / brackets to fit to.
How do you measure up for a PVC strip curtain quote?
We need to know the width of the opening and the height of the opening (or the height at which the curtain rail is to be fitted, if this is different.) Unless told otherwise, we will assume that the curtain rail will be internally fitted on the vertical face directly above the opening. This allows the curtain to be slightly wider than the opening to help prevent draughts, etc from creeping around the edges. If you want the curtain to fit within the opening recess and /or to the underside of the door lintel, please let us know so that we can quote appropriately.
Can you drive vehicles through PVC strip curtains?
When asked this question, we always say ‘we wouldn’t drive our own cars through them’. That’s because any surface dirt on either the PVC strips or the vehicle could be pulled along the surface paintwork of the vehicle, potentially causing scratches.
Can PVC strip curtains slide out of the way?
Yes we have a sliding track set up that allows for all or part of a curtain to slide aside for temporary clear access - or to improve ventilation. However, please note… the curtains do not concertina, fold up like fabric or bend around corners. They move in a straight sideways direction like a sliding door. As a result, there must be clear linear space for them to move across into. (e.g…. a 2m wide curtain will need a 2m space beside it to move across into.) Part sliding options or ones using double sliding track are available if lateral space is an issue.
What is the best PVC curtain rail system to use on my door?
This will depend on where the curtain is hanging and how heavy-duty you need it to be. We offer four hanging rail systems for doors: Swivel hinge rails (for heavy duty / industrial areas used by forklifts, etc). Bolt-on twin track (for medium duty use in hard working areas with frequent heavy use). Easy-fit hook-on rails (for light to medium use in all personal / pallet truck environments). And child-safe quickmount rails (for light duty areas where health and safety is paramount). See individual product brochures for more details on each system.
What type of PVC strip should I use?
This will depend on where the curtain is hanging, the size of it and what type of traffic might need to move through it. For normal ambient temperature areas and/or chillers above 0°C we would recommend Standard PVC spec. For freezer or sub-zero environments we would recommend Polargrade PVC spec (this contains more plasticiser to help the PVC stay flexible). Polargrade PVC should be avoided in areas above freezing as the extra plasticiser can make the PVC over-over-stretchy and sticky to the touch. This can make passing through more difficult. We also have specialist PVC for food preparation and welding environments. For heights up to approx 3m we would generally recommend 200mm or 300mm wide strips. For heights from 3m-5m we would generally recommend 300mm or 400mm wide strips. For heights above 5m we would generally recommend 400mm wide strips. The thickness of the PVC to go for will depend on how robust you need the curtain to be in order to withstand weather and/or traffic. Thinner PVC will be more lightweight and easier to pass though, but less effective against strong wind or rain. The opposite will apply for thicker PVC.
Does your PVC strip contain any DOP type plasticisers that have been linked to health issues?
No. All our PVC is certified DOP free.
Does your PVC strip contain anti-UV filters to prolong its life / clarity?
What type of welding PVC can you supply?
We hold certified welding PVC in stock. This complies to EN1598 / ISO25980 standards. This is classed as a UV filtering product. We offer red or dark green.
What strip overlap option should I use for my curtain?
This is generally based on the curtain height. In principle, the taller the curtain, the greater the overlap we recommend. This helps ensure the strips stay overlapped down their full length to provide the most effective barrier. Different hanging rail systems offer different strip overlap options. (Usually a combination of minimum, medium and maximum overlap.) For all but the twin-track rail system, all the overlap choices are fixed amounts based on the dimensions of the rail’s component parts. With twin-track, you can have any amount of strip overlap you wish. See individual product brochures for more details on the overlaps possible for each system.
How do I maintain and/or clean a PVC strip curtain?
Once fitted, a PVC strip curtain should need no ongoing maintenance. If the PVC strips become dirty they should be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth. Do not use any harsh abrasives or chemical cleaners (nothing more than mild washing up liquid is recommended by the PVC manufacturers) and avoid over-wetting the strips as they can absorb water and go cloudy.
Do you install PVC strip curtains?
No, we are a manufacturer and supplier only. We dispatch all our curtains with easy to follow instructions to enable self fitting. If this is not feasible for you, we can sometimes arrange installations via trusted trade partners. But these are entirely dependent on the availability of such partners and if they are pre-pared to travel to your location. Contact us for more details.
How quickly can you supply PVC strip curtain products?
For non-modified stock items such as 50m rolls, pre-manufactured hanging parts (e.g. hook-on rails & plates sets) and regular pedestrian-sized door kits…. we can normally dispatch the same day - if ordered before 1pm. We ship on a standard next working day delivery basis. For larger or or more bespoke items, we aim to make and dispatch all orders in 2-3 working days. Again, shipping for next working day delivery.
How long will a PVC strip curtain last?
PVC strip is a consumable product. Where it hangs, how it is used and what things it is exposed to will all affect how long it stays clear and durable. We have some customers who’ve had the same curtains in place for years. Others who need to replace them on a 6 monthly basis. PVC manufacturers give general guidance in the form of data sheets (based on ‘laboratory controlled’ conditions). But they do not offer time-specific guarantees. So neither can we. Fitting inside a building, away from excessive moisture, is the best way to prolong a curtains life. Likewise, ensuring that anything that passes through it (eg. forklifts and pallets) have no sharp edges that can scratch or rip the strips, or have any damaging chemicals on them that could smear onto the PVC.
My PVC strips have lost their clarity, why it this?
If the curtains have been getting excessively wet / sitting in water / hanging in a very damp environment they will absorb moisture which can make them go cloudy. (PVC is micro-porus.) This is way we advise fitting curtains internally. If they’ve not been getting excessively wet, it could be that they’ve been cleaned with an unsuitable cleaning product. (See FAQ about how to maintain/clean a curtain). Certain chemicals can also have a detrimental effect on PVC if spilled or smeared on its surface by the action of goods moving through a curtain. Lastly, if your curtain has been hung for a long time and exposed to strong sunlight this could have prematurely ‘aged’ it. (NOTE: our PVC is manufactured with anti-UV filters to slow down this kind of sunlight degradation. But it cannot stop it. All PVC will eventually loose it clarity.
Do you ship PVC strip curtains outside of the UK?
We can supply orders to countries outside the UK, but we need the person or company placing the order to arrange their own collection and delivery. We cannot arrange overseas shipping. Note: this cannot be done via our website. You’d need to contact us directly for more details and to set this up.
If I change my mind or get my order wrong, can I return my goods for a refund?
We comply with current EU legislation and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regs 2000. All customers have a 7-day ‘cooling off’ period from the day they receive their goods, in which time you are able to cancel your order and receive a full refund including original delivery charges. IMPORTANT: This only applies if you have purchased an unmodified stock item and the goods have not been used or damaged in any way. Where a product has been bespoke-made to your specified sizes we are within our rights to refuse a refund. Written confirmation of your request for an order cancellation/refund must be received by us within this 7-day ‘cooling-off ‘period. Upon receipt of your request we will discuss with you how the goods should be returned. No refund will be made until the goods have been returned and checked. If the reason for the cancellation is simply a ‘change of heart’ then the return delivery costs must be borne by the customer. However, if the reason for the cancellation is a product fault, the return delivery costs will be met by Redwood. If you would like to discuss our delivery, returns or refunds policy policies in more detail, please contact us.