Canvas Curtains

Canvas curtain









Sheet-style weatherproof canvas curtains that can be drawn back to allow clear access as necessary. Made from the same flexible/robust material as marquees and HGV trailer sides. Ideal for exterior racking and storage areas.

Curtains can be folded back/bunched up like fabric curtains or be tied back out of the way. They can also be supplied with vision panels to provide clear sight-lines to the opposite side so you can check what is (or isn’t) on the other side. For extra wide areas, multiple curtain panels can be joined by velcro strips up their sides to maintain an effective barrier.

Available in a range of colours and made to any size. Panels fitted with brass eyelets along top for hanging. Available with eyelets or straps fitted along bases for tying down. Can supply curtains only AND/OR accompanying sliding track rig.

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