Measuring Advice

Redwood Strip CurtainsWhatever type of strip curtain you’re interested in, it’s essential you give us the right measurements. However, where these measurements are taken from is important because the measuring points are not the same for all door types and/or cabinet formats. 

To avoid mistakes, please scroll down to see how to measure your space. If you’re still not sure and would like to discuss your space with us, please contact us >>>

Pedestrian doors

Pedestrian doors

Drop (D) : Measure from the underside of the door lintel/frame all the way to the ground.
Width (W) : Measure between the two inner side edges of the door frame.

Note: Should you wish your curtain to be face-fitted rather than soffit-fitted (so it overhangs the door at either side) please allow for this in your measurements.

Sectional overhead doorsSectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead doors
Drop (D) : Measure from just beneath where the curve of the door runner begins to the ground.
Width (W) : Measure from the outside edges of the door runners.

Concertina doorsConcertina doors

Concertina doors

Drop (D) : Measure from the top of the door guide to the ground.
Width (W) : Measure between the outer edges of the left and right doors.
Note: If you tend not to fully open the doors, a more economical solution is to have curtains covering just the usual working opening. To do this, measure between the two inside edges of the partly opened doors – Opening (O) – and give us this measurement instead of Width (W).

Roller shutter doorsRoller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors

Drop (D) : With the door open, measure from just below the door spool housing to the ground.
Width (W) : Measure between the outer edges of the door guides.

Multi-deck chiller cabinetsMulti-deck chiller cabinets

Multi-deck chiller cabinets

Drop Length (L) : Measure from the underside of the top fascia down to the top of the base sill.
Width (W) : Measure between the two inner edges.

Serve-over deli countersServe-over deli counters

Serve-over deli counters

Drop Length (L) : Measure from the underside of the top down to the back edge of the serving shelf.
Width (W) : Measure between the two inner edges.