Our friendly team of experts – here to help you.

Andy Oliphant

Managing Director, Co-owner

Son of the company founder, Andy has over 40 years of practical experience to draw upon in making and selling PVC strip curtains. Our go-to guru for all aspects of the industry. If he doesn’t know something, it’s probably not worth knowing.

Pete Oliphant

Finance Director, Co-owner

Son of the company founder, Pete also has over 40 years of company and industry know-how. Has the financial savvy to keep our costs low and prices keen. Runs numerous other successful businesses – so knows his way around a spreadsheet.

Pete Kew

General Manager & Sales

Started in the Production Dept in 2010 and worked his way up. Keeps the day-to-day running smoothly. An ace at quoting, especially if you want it fast. Need diagrams or extra visual reference to help sell-in to customers? He’s also whiz on the Mac.

Kevin Meek

Production Manager & Sales

Kev has worked here almost 20 years. So he really knows his stuff when it comes to making (and quoting) strip curtains. He’s our resident R&D person who specialises in the bespoke. No job too big. No set up too complicated.

John Molinghen

New Business Manager & Sales

After a long career running national accounts for BT, John is the consummate client service person. If you’re a trade customer looking for a better client relationship (and maybe, just maybe, a better deal)… contact him.

Lesley Meek

Office Manager & Sales

Daughter of the company founder and ‘big sis’ to Andy & Pete O. Les spins many plates. As well as looking after the office she’s a dab hand at quoting, she sorts the invoicing and (in the very nicest way possible) chases late payers!