Pest Control Curtains (And Brushstrip)

See our range of bespoke-made insect curtains below. Whatever you need an insect curtain for, we can provide a ready to hang kit to suit. We can supply fly curtains, pest control curtains and bird curtains for all types of commercial and industrial locations. We can also supply Brushstrip draught excluders in three different angled heads. This allows them to be fixed in a wide variety of positions and locations to help keep out dust, draughts and crawling insects. Each head option offers a range of hard wearing nylon bristle lengths to cover gaps from just a few millimetres up 260mm – making them ideal for any residential, commercial or industrial location. If you can’t find what you require, please call 01275 810 289.

Cost-effective replacement strips available should any get damaged or worn in the future. (So no need to buy a whole new curtain!)