PVC strip by the metre. All options in all sizes.

UPDATE: Can be used to make Coronavirus curtains & Coronavirus screens – to help maintain social distancing and help stop the spread of Covid-19. A simple, affordable way to section-off work environments so customers and/or staff are kept safely apart. We make it easy to buy PVC strip by the metre. (Ideal for anyone wanting to make or repair their own PVC strip curtains.) We can supply PVC strip by the metre in clear PVC strip, ribbed PVC strip and coloured PVC strip formats. Within these options you can choose standard grade PVC strip (for ambient & chiller curtain use) or polargrade PVC strip (for freezer curtain use). In general stock we hold: 100mm PVC strip, 200mm PVC strip, 300mm PVC strip and 400mm PVC strip. All in a range of strip thickness. As one of the UK’s biggest and most reliable PVC strip suppliers, we can ship small quantities of PVC strip or bulk amounts. And, as you’d expect, all Redwood PVC strip complies with the latest standards and regulations for PVC health and safety. Can’t find what you want? Please call us 01275 810 289.

TIP: If you need over 30m of PVC strip, it may be cheaper to buy a full roll. Go to PVC Rolls for details.