Swivel hinge PVC curtain strips. Fully prepped and ready to hang.

UPDATE: Can be used as Coronavirus curtains & Coronavirus screens – to help maintain social distancing and help stop the spread of Covid-19. A simple, affordable way to section-off work environments so customers and/or staff are kept safely apart. Click on the images below to find and buy swivel hinge curtain strips. These can be used as replacement curtain strips for old or warn swivel hinge curtains or to create a whole new swivel hinge curtain. Redwood swivel hinge PVC strips are made to measure in your chosen PVC spec and come with holes pre-punched in their ends (to match the strip overlap of your swivel hinge rail) so they are ready to hang. We can manufacture swivel hinge curtain strips in clear PVC, ribbed PVC, coloured PVC, freezer PVC and many other PVC options. Whether you need a single swivel hinge PVC strip or bulk swivel hinge PVC strips, we can supply the best quality at the most affordable prices. Can’t find what you want? Please call us on 01275 810 289.