Large & H/Duty Curtains (Commercial & Industrial)

See our range of more robust PVC strip curtain kits below. Made from thicker, harder wearing PVC strips they’re ideal as factory curtains, warehouse curtains or loading bay curtains. Whatever your type of industrial or commercial location, we can supply PVC strip curtain kits to suit. All made bespoke to your chosen sizes. Keeps in: expensively generated heat. Keeps out: cold, wind, rain, dust, insects, birds and any other airborne debris. Can’t find what you want? Please call 01275 810 289.

NOTE: Where you hang PVC can affect its longevity. We always assume (unless told otherwise) that curtains will be fitted internally, suspended behind doors or openings. This is what we recommend to ensure maximum life-span. If  they’re fitted outside of a doorway or building, fully exposed to the elements 24/7… they can deteriorate and lose clarity more quickly. The rate of this will depend entirely on the severity of the location environment.

Cost-effective replacement strips available should any get damaged or worn in the future. (So no need to buy a whole new curtain!)