Chiller Cabinet Strip Curtain Kits

£72.25 per metre width

The UK’s premier chiller cabinet strip curtain kits. (Also known as chiller cabinet blinds.) Works 24/7 to save energy unlike night blinds that only work overnight. Proven to cut energy use by upto 60%! Saves at least £100 a year in energy costs for a typical 2m wide unit. Food-safe, easy to use and comes ready to hang. For units over 1200mm wide, curtains are made in sections that fit end to end to cover the total frontage.

MEASURING CORRECTLY: (See our guide below main image.)

  • Width: between inner sides of the cabinet, from left to right.
  • Drop Length: from underside of top, down to upper part of base.

NOTE: Curtains are sized to stick to the outside of the unit (just above AND below the vertical drop area). To fit correctly, they need approx 60mm of flat vertical surface. If there are curved surfaces and/or obstructions in the way, e.g. lips, ridges or bumper strips, please let us know before ordering as we may need to discuss this with you to ensure your curtain will fit.

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