Swivel Hinge Strips (300mm Ribbed / 56%)

£3.90 Per metre

New and replacement ribbed PVC curtain strips for heavy duty use on swivel hinge rails. Made form high quality 300mm ribbed PVC (often called buffer strip). Cut to your required length and punched with holes to fit on hanging rails set up for 56% strip overlap. For making or repairing any swivel hinge door curtain. The ribs give the PVC extra strength, making these ideal forklift curtain strips. Excellent see-through qualities, unbeatable energy-saving performance, hard wearing and long lasting. ALL SIZES NOMINAL. PRICES EX-VAT.

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The strip’s surface has multiple raised ribs running along its length (approx 2mm deep). These reduce the level of surface contact when items pass through a curtain. The ribs also give extra protection to the PVC surface, helping to minimise scuffs and scratches and helping to prolong its clarity. This extra durability makes it the ideal choice for areas of high wear and tear where pallet trucks and forklifts need to move quickly and freely between freezer areas.

We can supply new and replacement curtain strips using ribbed PVC for all swivel hinge rail set ups. Priced by the linear metre, cut to your required length and punched ready to hang according to your chosen strip overlap.


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