Animal Strip Curtains Made to Any Size (Ideal For Zoos)

Extreme heavy duty zoo animal strip curtains, bespoke-cut from the UK’s thickest available PVC sheet. Ideal for wildlife pens and enclosures for larger animals that need protection from the weather but still require free access in and out. Tough enough withstand the most robust use, but easy to push through when animals or keepers want to pass through.

NOTE: Due to their extreme thickness, these strips are not compatible with standard strip curtain systems.  You will need hang the strips in place using your own means. But this could be as simple as drilling and fixing them with suitable screws and large washes (to help prevent the PVC splitting).

  • Available up to 10mm thick.
  • In any strip width – up to 1.5m.
  • In any strip length – up to 20m.

For a quote, call 01275 810289