Hanging Demos

In addition to choosing your curtain hanging system, you can also specify the amount that your PVC strips overlap. In principal, sheltered light duty curtains will need smaller overlaps, more exposed heavy duty curtains will need larger ones. The amount you can overlap each PVC strip is governed by how wide the strip is and the hanging system it’s made for.

Click on the links below to see our demos & guides for more details. (If you’ve already ordered a curtain, these will also show you how to hang them correctly.) If you’re in any doubt about strip overlapping, please contact us >>>

Hook on PVC curtains

200mm wide strips – 36% Overlap >>>    77% Overlap >>>

300mm wide strips – 36% Overlap >>>     63% Overlap >>>     90% Overlap >>>

400mm wide strips – 56% Overlap >>>    77% Overlap >>>     100% Overlap >>>

Hook on insect mesh curtains

200mm wide strips –  36% Overlap >>>    77% Overlap >>>

QuickMount PVC curtains

200mm wide strips – 50% Overlap >>>     100% Overlap >>>

Swivel hinge PVC curtains

300mm  & 400mm wide strip  – All overlaps >>>

Twin track PVC curtains

Strips can overlap by any amount with this system. It’s up to you to decide.

CoolStrip PVC curtains

Strips DO NOT overlap with this system.