Redwood Terms & Conditions

When purchasing any product from this website, the following online Redwood terms & conditions apply:

Order fulfilment

Our standard turn around time for orders is 2-3 working days and we will always try our best to fulfil every order according to our deliveries and returns policy. However, there may be rare occasions where we face stock shortages through circumstances beyond our control. Should these arise, we reserve the right to extend the lead-in time for fulfilment or extend the back-order period where appropriate and within reason. This does not affect your right to cancel any order already placed and receive a full refund to the value of the cancelled order (providing the goods have not already been made to order).

Product descriptions

We have taken great care to ensure that our product descriptions and specifications are correct. However, we reserve the right to make any changes, technical or otherwise to specifications. All product sizes and dimensions quoted are nominal. Prices are subject to VAT and exclude carriage.

In case of problems


Any shortfall in your order must be notified within 2 days and confirmed in writing within 7 days of receipt of your delivery, otherwise, no claim will be entertained. Proof that the goods arrived in an unsatisfactory condition must be provided.

All curtain strips and sheets (unless specially requested at the time of order) are rolled for delivery. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours from unrolling / hanging for the PVC to fully unfurl and return to its pre-packed state.


If for some reason your order arrives in damaged condition, please do not sign for or accept the consignment. Mark the carrier’s ticket clearly with the word DAMAGED and sign in the normal place. We will not accept responsibility for damaged goods if the ticket is not signed as above. Contact us immediately by telephone so that we can take the matter up with our carrier. If products have arrived damaged, we will arrange to get replacement goods to you as soon as possible.

Product returns

In the unlikely event that the incorrect goods have been supplied or have not been made to your satisfaction, please contact us immediately so that we can attempt to rectify the situation. Proof that the goods arrived in an unsatisfactory condition must be provided. Please note: it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the goods ordered are for the right dimensions and fit for their intended purpose. Errors in the ordering of goods will not be accepted as a reason for a product return.


We comply with current EU legislation and the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

All customers have a 7-day ‘cooling off’ period from the day they receive their goods, in which time you are able to cancel your order and receive a full refund including original delivery charges. IMPORTANT: This only applies if you have purchased an unmodified stock item and the goods have not been used or damaged in any way. Where a product has been bespoke-made to your specified sizes we are within our rights to refuse a refund.

Written confirmation of your request for an order cancellation/refund must be received by us within this 7-day ‘cooling-off ‘period. Upon receipt of your request, we will discuss with you how the goods should be returned. No refund will be made until the goods have been returned and checked.

If the reason for the cancellation is simply a ‘change of heart’ then the return delivery costs must be borne by the customer. However, if the reason for the cancellation is a product fault, the return delivery costs will be met by Redwood.

If you would like to discuss our delivery, returns or refunds policy policies in more detail, please contact us.

Redwood Terms & Conditions continued…

When dealing with Redwood (either online or offline) the following ‘General’ Redwood terms & conditions also apply – in addition to the online Redwood terms & conditions above.

1. Scope. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the following terms and conditions shall be incorporated in the Contract for the sale of goods or for the carrying out of work specified in the written order placed with Redwood Strip Curtains Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) and accepted by it. The following terms and conditions supersede all other terms and conditions issued by the Company of the Purchaser. The Contract includes only such goods and works as are specified therein.

2. Quotations. Quotations are not an offer and no contract shall come into existence unless and until we have accepted in writing your official order to carry out the service or supply the goods specified in our quotation. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing the contract shall be on the terms, and subject to, the conditions hereinafter set out

Unless otherwise stated, quotations are based upon today’s prices for materials, labour and transport, and the price quoted is subject to fair adjustment reflecting any alternations during the period between the date of the quotation or order (if later) and the date of the completion of the contract in the prices of any materials or in any wage rates governed by national agreement or in any transport costs.

3. Acceptance of order. All orders are accepted on the clear understanding that these Conditions Of Sale shall apply irrespective of any conditions printed on Customer’s orders. Any variation will only be accepted by our written confirmation. On the receipt of an order based upon our quotation and / or design, it will be deemed the either has been accepted in its entirety and cannot be changed without due consultation, and we reserve the right to adjust our price for any such alterations following that consultation.

4. Cancellation. The purchaser may not cancel an order after it has been given to the Company except with the Company’s written consent.

5. Price. The contract price is based on the cost of materials, labour and other prices ruling at the date of the Company’s quotation. The Company reserve the right to alter prices at any time prior to the execution of an order. All prices are exclusive of VAT and unless otherwise stated “carriage paid to the site”.

6. Deliveries. We shall use our best endeavours to start and complete the contract within the agreed time but we shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage consequential or otherwise caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of goods or in the completion of the contract.

7. Non-receipt and damaged goods. Claims for goods rejected as damaged can only be allowed if the goods have been signed for as “damaged” or “unexamined” upon delivery and the Company receives notification in writing within 3 days of delivery. The Non-Receipt of goods must be notified to the Company within 7 days of the date of advice of dispatch otherwise such goods will be deemed to have been received in a satisfactory condition.

8. Quality. Every effort will be made to ensure sound materials and good workmanship, but no warranty can be given in this respect nor as to the fitness of goods for any particular purpose.

9. Buyer’s Risk. From the time of their arrival, at the Site, the Buyer shall be responsible for loss or damage to the Materials and to the Company’s Equipment howsoever caused or arising (except to the extent that it is caused by or arises from the acts of omissions of the Company’s servants or subcontractors) and shall indemnify and keep the Company indemnified to the full value thereof until the Contract is completed or the Materials and Company’s Equipment have been removed from site by the Company.

Should any Materials required for installation be lost or damaged by acts or omissions of the Buyer or of others (not being the Company’s servants or subcontractors) such Materials shall be replaced by the Company at the Buyer’s expense. The Buyer shall accept any delay to the Works due to the need to replace lost or damaged items.

The Buyer is required to acknowledge receipt of all Materials, delivered at the Site by signing the appropriate Delivery Note.

10. Site Conditions. Unless otherwise stated our Quotation does not include for:

(a) Clearing or preparation of the site

(b) Packing or levelling of floors, walls or ceilings

(c) Provision of scaffolding or hoists

(d) Unloading, carting and safe custody of materials or fittings

(e) Electrical supply 240 AC for lighting and erector’s hand tools. If power is other than 240 AC the Company must be notified immediately as otherwise additional costs will be charged.

(f) In the event of our attending the site at which the installation is to take place and the site is not cleared or prepared for installation we shall charge an additional sum to cover abortive travelling and waiting time in accordance with the rates published in our current price list.

(g) Any civil work will be the responsibility of the Customer or main Contractor.

(h) Responsibility rests with the Customer for loss or damage incurred during the absence of men from the site.

(i) Adequate and safe storage accommodation must be provided for our goods and tools until completion of the installation together with full insurance cover.

(j) On completion of all installations, it is essential that a person with suitable authority be available to authorise and sign our Certificate of Satisfaction. Failure to comply with these instructions may necessitate a further visit which will be chargeable.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the walls, floor or building structure are adequate to withstand the loads imposed by the Company’s equipment and that any installation does not contravene local authority or build regulations.

11. Installation. Unless otherwise agreed, prices are based on a normal working week. Work carried out at other times at the Customer’s request will lead to an additional charge as published in our current price list.

Delays on site which are not the responsibility of the Company before or during installation caused by other trade or from any other cause will lead to an additional charge as published in our current price list.

(Unless otherwise stated an additional charge will be made for cutouts for pipes, radiators, skirting and beams, etc.

Every effort will be made to carry out the specification as details but the Company reserves the right to effect minor modifications and improvements.

12. Payment. Unless otherwise stated our terms of payment are:

(a) In all contracts, excluding installation, payment shall be made on or before the last day of the month following the date of invoice.

(b) In all contracts, including installation, payment shall be made within 14 days of completion of the installation.

(c) In all contracts, we reserve the right to charge 3% above National Westminster Base Rate interest per month on all outstanding invoices.

(d) All payments to be made on or before the due date as a condition precedent to future deliveries.

(e) The Company shall accept no liability nor shall the customer be entitled to refuse payment of any invoice in respect goods manufactured or supplied to measurements or dimensions given by the customer which subsequently prove to be inaccurate.

13. Property In Goods. Until full payment has been received by us for all goods whatsoever supplied at any time by us to the Purchaser:

(a) Property in the shall remain with us.

(b) Should the goods (or any of them) be converted into a new product, whether or not such conversion involves the admixture of any other goods or thing whatsoever and in whatever proportions, the conversion shall be deemed to have been effected on our behalf and we shall have the full legal and beneficial ownership of the new product.

(c) Subject to (d) and (e) below, the Purchaser shall be at liberty to sell the goods and the new products referred to in (b) above in the ordinary course of business on the basis that we shall have the full legal and beneficial ownership of the goods and such new products and that the proceeds of the sale thereof shall be our property for whom the Purchaser shall account to us on demand, until we have been paid in full.

(d) We may at any time revoke the Purchaser’s power of sale by notice to the Purchaser if the Purchaser is in default for longer than seven days in the payment of any sum whatsoever due to us (whether in respect of the goods or any other goods supplied at any time to us by the Purchaser or for any reason whatsoever) or if we have bona fida doubts as to the solvency of the Purchaser.

(e) The Purchaser’s power of sale shall automatically cease if a Receiver is appointed over any of the assets of the undertaking of the Purchaser or a Winding-up order is made against the Purchaser or the Purchaser goes into voluntary liquidation (otherwise than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation) or calls a meeting of or makes any arrangement or composition with creditors or commits any act of bankruptcy.

(f) Upon determination of the Purchaser’s power of sale under (d) or (e) above the Purchaser shall place the goods and the new products at our disposal and we shall be entitled to enter upon any premises of the Purchaser for the purposes of removing the goods and new products and to remove such goods and new products from the premises (including severance from the reality where necessary).

If you would like to discuss any of the Redwood terms & conditions above, please contact us.