Deli Counter Strip Curtains (Coolstrip)

£73.25 Per metre width

The UK’s premier deli counter strip curtains. Works 24/7 to save energy unlike night blinds that only work overnight. Easy to use and comes ready to hang. Curtains are made in convenient, easy to lift sections that fit end to end to cover the total width of the cabinet. NOTE: Curtains stick to the outside of the unit using industrial double-sided tape, just above AND just below the rear open area (what we call the opening drop). They need approx 60mm of flat surface in both areas to fit onto. Please see measuring guide below to check where to measure you unit before ordering.) If it has rear facing support arms or internal dividers which could interfere with the run of a curtain, please contact us before ordering as these may cause fitting problem. ALL SIZES NOMINAL. PRICES EX-VAT.

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Input your width (in millimetres) to see price. We also need the opening drop.

Product Price

Deli counter strip curtains using the quick and easy-to-fit coolstrip rail system.



What makes Redwood deli counter strip curtains so good…  and such good value?

UK’s premier PVC curtains for serve-over deli counters – and an original Redwood design. Coolstrip curtains are an ideal way to maintain statutory temperature whilst still allowing easy access to produce stored behind. Made with high quality 100mm wide PVC, all curtains have outstanding clarity to let employees see the products they want pick out and serve. Staff can slip their hands between the light weight strips to pick out any small items they want. Or, for larger items, they can lift up or lower down individual sections for totally clear access.

Fitting is easy. Retaining back rails are fixed to the rear edge of counter’s top shelf and to the rear edge of the lower serving shelf using pre-fitted heavy-duty double-sided tape. (For larger curtains or cabinets with curved fitting surfaces it may be necessary to screw these back retaining rails in place. Such fixings are not provided.) The PVC strips are mounted in separate front rails which simply clip into the retaining back rails. This allows them to be easily removed for access, restocking or cleaning.

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