PVC Strip Quality. Premium spec at affordable prices.

All our PVC curtains are made using high-quality PVC strip sourced from highly reputable UK companies. This ensures it compiles with all relevant UK and European standards. The material is DOP-free, has outstanding see-through qualities and allows light to pass through with minimum distortion. It’s thanks to this PVC strip quality, that you can be confident in your purchase – and that any curtain bought from Redwood will provide unbeatable energy-saving performance, be hardwearing and long lasting.

Multiple options. All the same standard.

Our standard clear, coloured and ribbed PVC ranges are ideal for every type of use from light pedestrian to heavy use by forklifts. We also stock polargrade PVC for use in freezers, as well as frosted PVC, perforated PVC, food safe PVC, anti-UV PVC and more. All come in several grades, sizes and colours to optimise their use and performance in a wide range of situations.

Other key facts about Redwood’s high quality PVC

High impact resistance. Wide working temperature range. Highly effective weather, temperature, pest, dust and noise control barrier. As well as being competitively priced. (Affordable today, long term value for the future.)

NOTE: We always recommend that PVC is used internally (e.g. suspended behind doors or openings). This helps prolong the product’s life-span. If hung outside, exposed to the elements 24/7, it can deteriorate and lose clarity at an accelerated rate. The speed of this will depend entirely on the severity of the local weather conditions.

Where to find us

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