Strip curtain hanging parts – rails & plates for all formats.

We make it easy to buy hanging rails and fixing plates for hanging PVC strip curtains. (Ideal if you want to make or repair your own PVC strip curtains.) We stock hook on curtain rails, swivel hinge curtains rails, quickmount curtain rails and twin track curtain rails. As well as all associated strip curtain fixing plates and PVC curtain hanging parts. Whether you need a lightweight strip curtain rail, a heavy duty strip curtain rail or a chid safe (free flow) curtain rail, you’ll find all you need in the sections below. As one of the UK’s biggest and most reliable strip curtain rail suppliers, we can ship individual strip curtain rails or bulk strip curtain rails. And, as you’d expect, all Redwood strip curtain rails are the best quality at the most affordable prices. Can’t find what you want? Please call us 01275 810 289.

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